Jonathan Aprea is a writer living in New York.

Tasha Bjelic lives in Los Angeles and makes work about the politics and aesthetics of care.

Zian Chen’s writing primarily takes the form of the guidebooks to his curatorial projects, occassionally, he writes fanfictions to comprihend his facination.

David Grubbs’s most recent book is The Voice in the Headphones (Duke University Press); his most recent album is Comet Meta (Blue Chopsticks), a duo with Taku Unami.

Brad Highnam

Erika Kielsgard lives and loves in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches English literature and creative writing at Brooklyn College.

Tori Lawrence is a NYC-based choreographer who creates site-specific dance performances and films that inspire an imaginative and sustainable way of looking at, thinking about, and using space

John Liles is a poet, science writer, and living mammal. His work is predicated on academic and archival research – a writing process that necessitates achieving an organic/animal understanding of the present surviving phenomenon.

Simona Nastac is a universe in poetic motion along a hidden, extra dimension.

Salty Xi Jie Ng, an artist from the tropical metropolis of Singapore, creates intimate, semi-fictional paradigms for the real and imagined lives of humans.

Omar Pérez is a poet, editor and translator born and raised in Havana. 

Dan Perjovschi is a visual artist mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti that comment on current political, social or cultural issues, whose work has been widely exhibited throughout the world.

Piper Harrow

Raluca Popa is a Berlin-based Romanian artist, currently working on a new version of her artist book R,W from 2016, inspired by the work of Robert Walser and part of the collection of Stadtbibliothek Winterthur, Switzerland.

Pedro Ruiz is a Venezualian artist.

Zhao Song is a novelist and art critic. He has published seven books including Fushun Stories, The Book of Bricks, Gap and others.

Natalie Stamatopoulos is a queer, Greek/American focused on tongue, the verb of it, as an examining of her particular languages and their complications/relationships in a world full of tongues. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in No, Dear Magazine, Ctrl + V, Slanted House, Paris/Atlantic, and others.

Felipe Steinburg is an inter-disciplinary artist born in Brazil.

Benjamin Stillerman received his PhD in Social Psychology at NYU, was a 2019 UnionDocs fellow, and is a founding editor of the collage journal ctrl + v.

Will Walton is the author of two young adult novels, “Anything Could Happen” and “I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain.”

Charis Caputo is an MFA student in fiction at NYU and an assistant editor for The Women's Review of Books.